Gera M. interest into shamanic medicine begun in 2015. It was here personal healing process which broth her to learn more about Mother Nature’s medicine. 

With sacred medicine, she has overcome depression, addictions, fears and blockages in her life. Ever since then, sobriety, discipline, determination, the sense of cosmic unity, compassion and unconditional love have taken over her existence. 

She is a DJ and music producer, playing on many stages around the world but the journey of spirit medicine has also provided her the opportunity to be in assistance in shamanic ceremonies and was leading her into the depths of the Amazon jungle, the Colombian mountains and the Mexican desert where she was able to learn about ancestral healing methods. 

She successfully accomplished the Kambo Naturista training in 2017 and worked as Kambo practitioner since then. 

Apart of the Kambo medicine she also serves the sacred toad medicine known as Bufo, and organizes healing retreats in Puerto Rico. 

Always curios to learn more and expand her knowledge she joined in 2019 the Kambo Naturista training as an assistant and after 3 trainings she proved her position as a co trainer. 

She feels a lots of gratitude to be able to accompany people through their healing processes and guide them to reconnect with the  healer within.